Folding Doors House Plan

Windows play a huge role in the house. They promote free circulation of air, ensure the house has plenty of natural lighting, have aesthetic value, keep out the wind, prevent the loss of heat from the house during the cold season and keep out the heat during the warmer seasons. This means that you need to pay special attention to windows from the planning stages of the construction project. You should identify the windows that will go well with the design of the house as well as the most important aspects or characters you would like in your windows and capitalise on it.

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Types of windows and doors

Folding Doors are pivoted from the side and in most cases, they have large window panes. They provide ample natural lighting in the house as well as ventilation. Awning windows pivot from a window sash located at the top and they are more often than not paired with large picture windows. Picture windows are large glass panels that do not usually open and are used in places where the main goal is to provide a picturesque view as opposed to ventilation. Awning windows can also be found above doors. The double hung windows have two movable sashes and they promote air circulation which explains their popularity.

Bay windows are used to provide lighting from different angles of a room or building. It can be a main large window paired with smaller side windows that have been installed in an angular manner. They also enhance the general look of the building. Slider windows are cheap windows that slide open from their sideways to offer natural light or ventilation to a room. Other types of windows include transom, jalousie, single hung windows, gable, lantern, clerestory, skylights and dormer windows.

Choosing the best windows

Given the different types of windows, there are a number of factors that you ought to keep in mind while choosing windows. The location of the house should inform the windows since it dictates the climatic issues likely to be experienced and the best type of windows for that climate. What are the regulatory requirements for different types of houses with respect to windows? The energy regulatory authority may have some guidelines that should be adhered to by all building owners. The cost implications are also important as it informs your budget. Failure to do this may stall the project.

Where you will purchase the window frames and panes, the installation process and expertise required and the time required for this process are important during the planning stages. You also need to understand the pros and cons of all types before you start making plans. If you feel stuck in the process, you can always speak to an expert for professional advice. This will make the decision making process easier and faster.